Choosing The Most Suitable Flooring For Homes And Commercial Spaces!

When it comes to making decisions regarding interior decoration and renovation, a lot of brainstorming goes by. Home renovation and construction tasks involve huge money, effort and time. This is one of the reason people take due care in making decisions on how it should look like. Whether it is about deciding on the furniture or deciding on the type of flooring, it is better to take advice of experts. There has been significant range of flooring tiles and stones available to choose from. Here are some of the tips on choosing the types of tiles or stones for homes and commercial spaces:

Travertine pavers are popular for hardscaping and swimming pools

Travertine is a natural stone that has been in use since ancient era. Various popular ancient buildings have been built with travertine including The Colosseum, Italy. Its high traction and most suitable for exterior pavings.

Limestone wall tiles look elegant in bathrooms

Limestone gives and elegant look. Mostly matte finished, limestone are easy to clean and maintain and best suited for wall tiling in bathrooms. These are chosen for flooring as well.

Bluestone pavers give your commercial exteriors an authentic look

For commercial spaces, vitrified tiles are popularly chosen for interiors. When going for outdoor flooring, crazy paving is classic option. Bluestone is another natural stone that gives a vibrant look to lawns and outdoors. It can be used as crazy paving as well.

Marble is a common choice for living room and bedrooms in an apartment

Marble comes in vast variety, colour and stone. Marble has been the classic choice. Its elegance and finish enhances your living room and bedrooms and adds a chivalric taste.

Choose hardwood flooring for a classic holiday home or a beach house

An easy mood beach house or holiday homes look good with hardwood floors. Beach houses are normally not so large sized and hardwood floors will add glossy look to its interiors.