Facts You Must Know Before Repairing Jack Russell Terriers

Breed Description

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, hardy and tough breed. A well-proportioned terrier, they frequently weigh around 15-18 pounds and stands 10-15 inches in height. To get more details about Jack Russell puppy have a peek at this website http://britishgritjackrussellterriers.com/.


The double-coated Jack Russell Terrier contains three types namely: broken, rough, and smooth. The broken variety has a topcoat of different lengths, or with longer hair on particular regions of the human body. The rough coat receives the very best coat over the inside coat. The smooth coating includes short and stiff outer coating. Coat colors with this particular breed are mostly white, with tan, black, or tri-color.

Facts You Must Know Before Repairing Jack Russell Terriers


The active Jack Russell Terrier ideally requires two long walks or moderate jogs in a day. These hyperactive dogs are not just active outside, but indoors also. They'd call for a good deal of stimulating activities when indoors as they're usually irritable and destructive when bored. They have to also be given the chance to conduct and perform about while they are inside for extended intervals.


This breed is daring and lively. Jack Russell Terriers are often playful, affectionate with family, and revel in the attention. They must find training or work for a sort of exercise. These very lively dogs are typically extremely excitable. However, they are ordinarily quarrelsome around other dogs.


Launched in England during the 19th century, the Jack Russell Terrier is highly proficient in grinding and pruning into dens and foxholes. They have been called following the hunting enthusiast, Reverend John Russell, being the very first man to receive them filmed for fox hunting.