Ways To Help Maintain Your Metabolism

Did you know the food you eat is stored in your body as fat or used for energy?  Your metabolism is the process of how your body breaks down the food and uses it as energy.  Those who have a slower metabolism may have a harder time burning off the calories and instead gets stored in your fat cells.  This can make it difficult for those with slower metabolism to lose weight.  Those who have a faster metabolism are able to use up those calories and less fat gets stored in your cells.  Typically someone with a faster metabolism has a leaner body type.   Here are a few ways to help maintain your metabolism.

Staying hydrated is important to your metabolism because it helps to replenish the water you lose when you are sweating, digesting food and even breathing!  Your body is made up of 50-60% of water and every single cell uses water to maintain proper function.  Ensuring you are getting enough water everyday can help to increase your metabolism and burn almost 1500 calories per month.  Increasing your healthy fats is another way you can maintain your metabolism.  When you incorporate healthy fats it is the foundation for weight management and sustaining your blood sugar levels.  Once your body uses all the glucose from carbs and sugar it starts to use the health fat, which helps to maintain muscle tissue and lose weight.

If you continue to struggle with maintaining your metabolism I would recommend getting your leptin levels checked.  Leptin is a hormone produced in your fat cells that tells your body to use fat for energy, sometimes there is resistance and instead your body stores the fat rather than using it.  Getting a blood test can help to check your leptin levels and ensure your hormones are functioning properly.  If you have questions about what you should be eating or metabolism I would also recommend talking to your local nutritionist like San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. Henry Wong.  Like many other San Diego Chirorpactors he incorporates nutrition, chiropractic care, massage and weight management, because he believes being healthy is doing a multitude of things.  Remember every person is different and it is all about finding what works for you.